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Zoom Lectures

Zoom Lectures will be added for review or to view a missed lecture after they occur. Access them here by clicking on the lesson number, after the regularly scheduled presentation date.

Lab One:

Lesson One:

Introduction to Arduino Electronic Circuits and mBot Robotics Course.

Lab Three:

Lesson Three:

Changing Colors Using an RGB LED

Lab Five:

Lesson Five:

Using a Piezo Buzzer, LEDs and a Photo Resistor to Make Music

Lab Seven:

Lesson Seven:

Using a Motion Sensor to Turn on a Buzzer and LED

Lab Nine - A:

Lesson Nine - A

Building and Testing an mBot Arduino Robot

Lab Ten:

Lesson Ten:

Controlling the mBot's Motion With Hand Gestures

Lab Twelve:

Lesson Twelve:

Figuring Out the Energy Needed to Power the mBot Up a Hill

Lab Two:

Lesson Two:

Building a Circuit with Three LEDs

Lab Four:

Lesson Four:

Using a potentiometer to measure analog outputs.

Lab Six:

Lesson Six:

Controlling a Servo Motor With a Potentiometer

Lab Eight:

Lesson Eight:

Making a DC Motor Spin Clockwise at 255 RPMs

Lab Nine - B:

Lesson Nine - B

Using the mBot's Motion Sensor to Navigate around obstacles 

Lab Eleven:

Lesson Eleven:

Making the mBot Travel in a Circle With a Predefined Circumference